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JavaFX – Image Viewer

One of the questions I received in comments of one post

actually regarding the carousel and display shelf samples written on the net.this samples r feasible for 100 x100 pics. i am getting photos from flickr. if i want to implement this view how can it be done.. or is it at all feasible..

A genuine valid question! Yes Carousel and DisplayShelf are written with smaller dimensions. Carousel was targeting mobile profile as well, so its size was small. Also most of samples I have too didn’t have large dimensions.

So here is a sample which uses larger dimension – [800X650].

For Applet mode, click on above image

For standalone mode

It loads images from flickr. If you click on the thumbnails below, it will move to scroll to next thumbnail and zooms the image. Its very basic demo, just to demonstrate use of large images. It uses hard-coded values for coordinates and scale, so not really the best demo.

var dzone_style = ‘2’;

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  1. Pieter Viljoen
    September 2, 2009 at 12:03 AM

    I am trying out the Carousel sample app for a demo and tried to change the images to my own images. I have scaled the images down to 100×100 and they do not show. The only difference between my images and that in the sample is the resolution. Mine are 96×96 and the samples are 72×72. is this a problem?

  2. September 2, 2009 at 6:06 AM

    @Pieter Viljoen I’m not able to identify the issue.. Is the image loading fine with just ImageView + Image? Is the issue only with these specific images and loads other images?

  3. Damian
    December 27, 2009 at 3:53 AM

    Hello can you tell me what must i change to load and display images form harddisk

  4. December 29, 2009 at 7:40 PM

    @Damian In Carousel.fx I have hardcoded the URL to point to some images from Flickr. Instead you can change those URL to file URL

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